Certified Communication

Namirial’s integrable solution provides proof of electronic delivery of documents sent via email or standard SMS, archiving and time-stamping evidence.

Certify delivery and acceptance of communications sent via text message and email

Attach files, request acceptance or rejection of the message, or request a read receipt: Namirial Certified Communication enables proof of delivery of content to one or more recipients with full evidentiary value.

Define each step in the process

Customize the communication starting with the communication channel, choosing between Email and SMS, decide whether to attach any files, and once sent request proof of acceptance or rejection of the message, until confirmation of reading.

Send important documents securely

Ensure delivery and traceability of communications and documents: verify that your customers or employees receive documents such as invoices, rate changes, terms and conditions with evidentiary value in court.

Notarize evidence of communication

As a Trust Service Provider we generate digitally signed evidences (affidavits) between sender and recipient, sealing the communication data over time through notarization and online preservation of all generated evidence.

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Features of Certified Communication

Namirial’s new integrable solution allows you and your clients to convert an email or SMS into Certified Communication, retaining full evidentiary value but reducing time and costs.

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Create the message

Define the contents of the Certified Communication: enter the text and any attachments (invoices, contracts, documents with sensitive data), and select one or more recipients.

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Send it securely

Proceed to immediate sending: from this moment you can track the delivery of the message, acceptance or rejection by the recipient, and even reading. All with full evidentiary value.

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Store evidence

All evidences that are generated between issuer and receiver, for each step of the process, are digitally signed (affidavits) and time stamped: as well as kept online in the established time.

Join the digital revolution

“”Our dream is a paperless and waste-free world.””

Max Pellegrini (CEO Namirial)

Customers worldwide
3 million
Tonnes of paper saved in one year
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Benefits of Certified Communication

Digitize Certified Communications, making them faster and retaining their full evidentiary value

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Share sensitive data and documents in full Namirial security: recipients access via secure authentication.

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Send instant communications and keep real-time track of the status of mailing, delivery and even reading, reducing the time taken by up to 20 times.

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Certified Communication allows companies and professionals to fulfill their legal obligations to which they are subject, zeroing out the associated legal risk.

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Manage every step of the process by reducing delivery time and zeroing out postal costs, instantly reaching recipients located anywhere in the world.

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With the digitization of Certified Communication you can reduce or even eliminate the waste and cost of paper consumption and also protect the environment.

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Namirial’s API allows you to quickly integrate Certified Communication into your solutions, covering many application needs.

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