Sign any document with legal value, anywhere and anytime! 

Namirial Digital Signature allows your customer signing documents, with the same legal value as a handwritten signature, but faster, easier and under the most secure conditions.

The Digital Signature that adapts to your customers’ needs

Allow your clients to handle paperwork without having to physically move, wherever they are and at any time: the Namirial Digital Signature has full legal value, so they can use it to sign any type of document, from contracts to Judicial Proceedings, from administrative acts to company financial statements.

Always at your fingertips 

Your clients will no longer have to physically move to sign documents: the Namirial Digital Signature is always with them, everywhere and everytime.

Saving time and energy

Thanks to signature digitization, your clients will be able to carry out every signing task in just a few clicks, in maximum speed and convenience.

Designed for every need

Namirial Digital Signature allows your clients to sign every document, always and in any situation, also from their smartphone.

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The highlights of the Namirial Digital Signature

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Full legal value

Namirial Digital Signature allows your customers to sign all types of document, everywhere and in any situation, with the same legal value as a handwritten signature.

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Your customers can count on the protection and reliability guaranteed by Namirial and sign any document without taking any risk, anywhere, anytime and even from smartphones.

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Make your customers forget the long time for activation and waiting for paperwork management: Namirial Digital Signature is released immediately and is immediately ready to sub-sign any document in just a few clicks.

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Namirial’s range of Digital Signatures is designed to meet your customers’ every need: from Remote, which allows you to manage paperwork on the move and from mobile, to device-equipped, which allows access to PA services.

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Thanks to Digital Signature you and your customer will contribute to eliminate the use of toners, paper and pens, reducing also CO2 emissions.


Your customers can use the Namirial digital signature to sign all kinds of documents: from public to private contracts, from utility activation to administrative acts.

Join the digital revolution

“”Our dream is a paperless and waste-free world.””

Max Pellegrini (CEO Namirial)

Customers worldwide
3 million
Tonnes of paper saved in one year
Professionals in the world, at your service

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