Consent Management

The integrable solution that allows you and your customers to simplify the entire online consent and subscription management process.


Simplify online consent management and contract signing

Namirial Clickwrap is the integrable solution that allows you to manage every stage of the consent lifecycle: from the preparation of forms and contracts, to the collection and notarisation of preferences and subscriptions.

Manage every consent easily, quickly and in compliance with regulations. 

Simplify and speed up the whole process

With the intuitive interface, you can create forms and contracts with customised layouts, edit and update them in one click, and once proof of consent is collected, you can notarise it on the Blockchain.

Be Easily compliant with regulations

Protect your customers’ businesses and your own by reducing the risks associated with GDPR litigation, without affecting the user experience.

Integrate Clickwrap and expand your offering

Guarantee your customers’ operational autonomy in the drafting, updating and monitoring of consents and contracts: integrate it with the software your customers already use and in just a few clicks increase the efficiency of their work.

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Every corporate department needs Clickwrap

Collecting consents and signing contracts online, through websites, e-commerce and service delivery platforms is an activity that challenges more and more companies and professionals: dealing with the legal aspects of consent management is a very time and resource-consuming process that involves several business areas.

Thanks to Namirial’s know-how that led to the development of Clickwrap, you and your customers can carry out all the necessary activities, in compliance with the law, efficiently, quickly and securely. The consent management solution is designed for all companies and professionals who achieve high volumes of online interaction with their users and customers, through their site and in particular:

Online portals

Data and consents required for user access to portals or restricted areas must be retained for at least 24 months.

Email marketing

User consent to send DEM, newsletters or other communications must be recorded and archived by the company or professional.


Consent collection, in this case, can be used for two purposes: acceptance of Terms and Conditions for purchase and behaviour analysis.

Offering services

Other management concerns the signing of contracts with simple electronic signature, and of License Services Agreements for the use of online software or apps.

Clickwrap functionalities

Integrate Clickwrap and offer your customers the most comprehensive and efficient consent and subscription management and archiving solution. A single, easy-to-use platform that allows you to manage all activities, from setting up and updating forms and contracts to registering and notarising consent, ensuring compliance with regulations.

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Create and update forms

Build forms, insert them into web pages, edit them in a few clicks, and collect the relevant data and consents: keep track, for each user, of when he/she gave consent, with which preferences, and in reference to which version of the form.

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Customize contracts

Get contracts defined in every aspect: all you have to do is upload your preferred document structure to the dashboard and Clickwrap takes care of the rest! Automate the filling in of fields with the data entered by the user in the form and digitally sign it.

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Store information

Store any information: from a single consent, to all data entered in a form, to an entire signed contract. Store it securely on the blockchain so that it is date-stamped and can be retrieved at any time.

Join the digital revolution

“”Our dream is a paperless and waste-free world.””

Max Pellegrini (CEO Namirial)

Customers worldwide
3 million
Tonnes of paper saved in one year
Professionals in the world, at your service

The benefits of Clickwrap

Save your customers time and offer them efficient and automated consent management: collect and track information, store it on the Blockchain, with the security of time guarantee and the protection of being able to consult it whenever you want.

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Single management dashboard

Create, track and search any content in a single, simple and intuitive dashboard: eliminate dependencies between company departments and reduce manual operations that cause errors and waste time.

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More efficient processes

Create, customise and quickly update the content you want to publish online with the text editor, and keep track of all versions of forms and contracts with the advanced versioning system.

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Secure archiving

Archive content in total peace and security thanks to notarisation on blockchain, which is the certification with the highest possible guarantee of the integrity of the information collected on a given date.

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Cross-departmental sharing

Share and synchronise documents between all business areas that need to manage and monitor consents: legal, compliance, data protection, marketing, technical development and sales departments can be up-to-date at the click of a button.

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Transparency and compliance

Add links to comprehensive legal documents to your forms and contracts to provide all the necessary content to your users and customers with maximum transparency; then retain their consent and privacy preferences as required by law.

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Fast integration

Thanks to Namirial’s experience, Clickwrap can be integrated into your software and with the other applications your customers already use, quickly and easily, with the ability to customise it to the specific needs of each business.

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