Document management

The Namirial integrable software offers your customer the solution to bring order to their documents, to easily find, modify and share all their data digitally and in a few clicks.

Digitize your customers’ Document Management

Namirial’s integrable Document Management enables you and your customer to make all the tasks of organizing, sharing and searching any business information smoother and faster, and to store everything in compliance and with maximum security.

Manage business content

The Namirial software organizes, catalogs and searches content letting consult it securely even from mobile.

Simplify your customers’ work

Make it fast to search, consult and share documents, while maintaining full control over access to information.

Store all documents safely

Your customers can digitalize all their documents, even the more important, counting always and in any situation on Namirial security.

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Make your customers’ work easier and more efficient

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Digital Organization

Catalogue and archive all your customers’ documents with a convenient solution that uses cloud-based technology

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Better Consultation

Improves and speeds up document search and sharing from any device: PC, tablet and smartphone

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Safe Storage

Protect and monitor data access by securing it from hacker attacks and customising access for each user

Join the digital revolution

“”Our dream is a paperless and waste-free world.””

Max Pellegrini (CEO Namirial)

Customers worldwide
3 million
Tonnes of paper saved in one year
Professionals in the world, at your service

Highlights of Namirial Document Management solution

Bring digital innovation to the Management and Electronic Storage of your and your clients’ documents: make work fast and efficient and eliminate paper waste.

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Get all your clients’ documents in order with a single solution that makes information available anytime, anywhere through on-cloud technology.

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Protect access to your clients’ data, making it secure from hacker attacks and customizing access for each user.

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Make it fast and easy to search and browse every document, from any device: PC, smartphone and tablet.

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By digitizing information and reducing the number of paper documents you help your customers eliminate paper waste and wasted time.

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Define every aspect of the template with the graphic editor: easy to use and 100% customizable for each client.

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Offer your clients this solution within your software, thanks to the API and SDK documentation we provide

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